North Node's Launch Collection: A fun-filled Photo Shoot spiced up with Glam and Style!

When it comes to the world of fashion, there is no place that is bigger, louder and more exciting. From the sheer energy vibrating through the floor below to the pure thrill that hits the rafters above, the house of fashion is simply larger than life itself. 

The North Node brand is precision London style and luxury with a regal elegance and flair unlike any other designs. Founded on fashion for love and a love for fashion, the passion of the designer’s desires are deeply reflected in every design. It’s often said that accessories make the outfit, and with North Node at the helm of these designs, no statement could be more true.

One vital part of this world is photo shoots; the very essence of bringing a brand and the model who is deemed worthy enough to represent it, into the lives of the ordinary.  Come Behind the scenes with us with North Node’s latest scarves and ties collection shoot!

When North Node worked with famed word-class photographer Alex James of London, it was a match made in heaven.

Working with Alex James, this extravagant label truly comes to life. Did one spectacularly fun photo shoot with two amazingly talented and stunningly gorgeous models: Toby Huntington-Whiteley –the new face that has taken the fashion world by storm, who many will recognize from Burberry fame and the uber stylish British model Elle Dowling.  

Toby - exudes a quiet and sophisticated sexy ambience that complements the tie adorning him. The ties designed by North Node are lavishly opulent, with classic yet contemporary styling.

So how do the most dapper of men carry ties in a way that is designed to wow? This is exactly what this photo shoot answered.

We played around Toby’s natural good looks with North Node’s custom made premium ties and scarves that brought out his features to perfection! No one could wear a tie more exquisitely than Toby.

One of our favorite poses is of Toby sitting barefoot on a chair wearing a stylish blue North Node scarf and gazing away from the camera. The blue scarf competes with Toby’s eyes in a gripping match and this picture serves to highlight the ruggedly masculine facial features of Toby in the subtlest way possible.

Elle Dowling – Ravishingly beautiful Elle Dowling models the scarves for North Node. Chic, sophisticated and elegant, she shows the world how the styles of North Node are quintessential. Her poise and captivating good looks with scarlet lips made the shooting a breeze! The scarves we showcased on her lithe figure made her appear all the more stunning.

Do you want to know how to portray the chicest of looks most effortlessly? Check out the alluring Elle does just that with tasteful abandon and understated sensuousness.

One extra-remarkable pose is of Elle Sitting with her white-sneaker and legs crossed and her lovely long flaxen tresses brushed out on both sides. Her neck is gently adorned with a pretty North Node scarf that highlights her sharp cheekbones and mesmerizing eyes.

Again, get hold of the entire photo shoot for more details or better yet, get yourself some cool North Node scarves and ties and rock the casual chic look!

All the poses struck by both our favorite models were natural and their easy going and charming personalities made it a hit! The photo shoot was punctuated with friendly banter and lots of laughter. Our team at North Node created a casual and relaxed atmosphere that allowed our models to be at ease and let their inner personalities shine out.

The shoot was indoors, inside a minimalistic set- aimed to spotlight only the ‘hero of the picture’ so to speak.

This photo shoot brought to attention how North Node fashion accessories can break the monotony of the most dismal of weathers and illuminate the cracks left behind with flair, pomp, and glamor!

These are just some of the behind the scenes details that we enjoyed so very much. Visit North Node for more!  A shout out to our gifted photography team and our fantastic models that made this shoot stand out thanks to its lively and pleasurable experience.

If we have to sum up, this photo shoot in just three words, they would be- Captivating, Stylish and Fun!